Mastercraft Kitchens, Manufacturing, Installation

Let's Make Things Happen

From creating high quality designs all the way through to the manufacture and installation of your project, we are here to help.

Step by Step


Contact Us

Make an appointment with one of our designers - either at our showroom if you have house plans or arrange a site measure for renovation work.

You can contact us directly or if you have a design professional you may prefer to have them contact us to organise a preliminary meeting.


Discuss Project Brief

Whangamata Woodworks has a collaborative design style. We meet with you and any design professionals involved to discuss the project brief, timeline and any other details.


Develop and Refine

By reviewing initial drawings and discussing further details, together we can refine our concepts to suit your requirements. Bench tops, door materials, handles, colours, and other details can be selected for an indicative price of your dream kitchen.


Quotation and Acceptance

Whangamata Woodworks will present you with a quotation and our terms of trade, based on your selections and refined concept design.

Upon acceptance of our quotation, a deposit will be required and full working drawings and designs will be produced, along with a final site measurement and an arrangement for the installation date.



Your new Mastercraft kitchen will now be scheduled with our production department. Here, the process takes approximately four to six weeks to obtain materials and manufacture your custom-made kitchen. The completion time depends on various factors, such as the size of your kitchen and products choices.



Upon completion of the manufacturing process, you will be contacted by our Production Manager to arrange installation by our qualified installers.

Whangamata Woodworks liaises throughout the job with relevant design and construction professionals including architects, designers, appliance suppliers and builders to ensure your project is on track.


Project Sign-off

The project is formally signed off when production and installation quality standards have been met and the final payment for the project has been made. Our guarantee will see you through the first ten years of your kitchen’s life, and because it is transferable, it adds value to the next owners should you sell.